Sunday, June 5, 2011

Family Bonding

This weekend was my grandmother's family reunion.  I'll post more about the reunion later but I wanted to share three photos I took with my phone during the "entertainment" portion of the event.  My family has a serious addiction to karaoke (ing?).  My parents have a whole set-up complete with a sound board, multiple microphones, and speakers.  My dad, who is normally sort of quiet, can bust out in song with the best of them.  I love that we all enjoy this together...even if I am not always willing to jump up and sing.

 My Dad...the Karaoke King.
His set-up includes a rolling case to house the mixer and sound board.  It has an attached microphone and a removable desk (seen here) for the computer.  I love it.
When I posted this picture on Facebook, I titled it "My mom is cooler than your mom." 
And she is.  Way cooler.  
My dad and Hubs have a few songs they sing together. 
Their most performed song is Elvis Presley's "Promised Land." 

True Family Bonding.

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