About Me

I am the Queen, or just Melanie will do. I have been married to Hubs for 8 years. Our sweet, sweet Shelby is a two year-old German Shepherd mix. We are new humans to a vivacious kitten named Ajax or just "Jax." We live in a small town in Alabama.

My blog is about life in my world.  It is an adventure in leading a healthy and happy life whether it is healthy eating or enjoying the good things in life like reading, traveling, friends, and more. What I want most is to live a healthy life in a realistic way.  I'm not overly adventurous and I sort of have a problem eating foods that I cannot pronounce.  I am a runner.  Or at least a wannabe runner.  But one step at a time, I'm getting there. 

So, welcome to my world!

 Hubs and I.
 Our girl.  A sweet, precious soul.
 Jax.  He is rambunctious unless the television of some kind is on.  He's an addict.

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