Friday, April 15, 2011

Five Question Friday

1.  What is your favorite sign of spring?
Definitely the tulips.  They come eary and are so vibrant after a long (or seems like a long) winter.

2.  What was your favorite birthday ever?
Maybe my 16th.  My cousin and his wife let us use his pool for my party so we swam all day and my dad cooked out for us.  Then later we went back to my house and had a sleepover.

3.  What is your favorite dessert?
Four Layer Pie!  I forget the "real" name of it.  My mom has always made this and even after she and I became diabetics, it was easily adjusted for us.  It has a pecan crust (or graham cracker...Hubs' preference), a layer of cream cheese and powdered sugar, a layer of chocolate pudding, and then top it off with a layer of cool whip.  It is sooo good!  And sooo easy!

4.  What is the best excuse you've ever used to get out of a ticket?
I have never used an excuse.  My most recent traffic violation was becuase I just ran a stop sign.  I got pulled over and I was completely honest.  He said, "Do you know why I pulled you over?"  And I said, "Yes sir.  I completely ran that stop sign.  I know that is a hard place to get out so I saw it was clear and went."  He laughed and appreciated my honesty.  He ran my license (to make sure I wasn't a felon...his words) and let me off.  So, maybe sometimes honesty pays off.

5.  Do you wake up with the alarm clock, with your alarm, or after hitting snooze several times?
Definitely after hitting snooze.  I LOVE sleep.  I HATE that horrible sound that the alarm makes but when it goes off, I reset it.  About 4 times.  I'm terrible.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Resturant Rave - The Pita Stop

If I haven't told you lately, I LOVE greek food.  Well mediterranean food fits in that category too.  My boss and I frequently visit The Pita Stop on Southside.  We both love their chicken special.  The special comes with a salad (and house dressing), wild rice, seasoned grilled chicken, fresh hummus, and pita bread and to make it even more delicous - the total cost (after tax) is only $8.75! 

This meal is so flavorful and so filling.  I'm telling another life I was Greek. 

Interesting fact, the origin of my name (Melanie) is Greek.  The meaning is black, dark-skinned (probably much like a Greek maiden.  Although my parents didn't search baby name books for my name and purposely choose from Greek names but rather I was named after Melanie Wilkes from Gone with the Wind (which surprisingly also makes me happy).  Where was I going with this? 

Anyway, go visit The Pita Stop at 1106 12th Street South in Southside.  You won't be sorry!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Hubs and I got together for this week's menu plan.  It has some things he likes and some things I have been wanting although we really don't have any new items this week.  My goal for next week is to include at least two new recipes!  This week is a little stressful class-wise and Amanda and I have our first vendor show this weekend so looks like a busy week ahead!!
Saturday - Weird day!  I ended up working most of the late afternoon on a research paper so Hubs and I opted for fast food.  

Sunday - Savory Chicken and Rice with Green Beans and Yeast Rolls

Monday - Hamburger Steaks, Green Bean Casserole and Homemade Mac n Cheese

Tuesday - Fish Filet Sandwiches and Cole Slaw

Wednesday - Grilled Chicken, Roasted Asparagus, Loaded Potato Casserole

Thursday - Breakfast - Eggs, Turkey Bacon, Gravy, and Biscuits

Friday - Depends.  Probably Fast Food!

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Five Question Friday

It is Five Question Friday!!  Come join the conversation at My Little Life.
1. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
That I would not procrastinate so much.  Here is an example of my procrastination.  I have known about a school assignment since January.  It is due Tuesday.  I started it today.  It is a 10 page research paper.  I procrastinate too much!

I have at least finished 2 pages!

2. Write about a time when you got lost.
A couple of years ago, Hubs and I took a trip to Gatlinburg.  When we got to Knoxville, there was a crazy detour because of major interstate construction.  It was late (about 10 or so) and the GPS was so confused.  We ended up getting off the interstate and riding through the Univ of Tennessee campus.  We were stopped at a red light and tried to get a police officer's attention but had no luck.  Thankfully we finally found a "less use of interstate" option on Lola (our GPS) and were able to find a crazy backway until we can get back on the interstate.  We finally arrived in Gburg...about midnight.

3. Camping or 5 star hotel?
Depends!!  I LOVE camping so if it is appropriate weather/destination then I love to camp.  We like to hike too so we take trips where we can set up camp and then hike.  And we have been backpacking where we took all of our gear in packs and hiked about 5-7 miles in and camped.

4. Have you donated blood?
No.  I am a diabetic so it is not generally the best idea for me to do.  I need to try again though!
5. Do you have a budget or do you 'fly by' most months?
Both!  I sometimes do a very detailed budget then at other times I just go on the fly.  It is a whole lot stressful to at least have a simple budget in mind.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Hubs and I did not do very well on our diet last week!!  We both had rough weeks and weren't feeling so great but hopefully we are back on track this week!

Here's our plan...

Saturday - Dinner @ My Parents.  Huge Family Get-together.

Sunday - Whole Wheat Hamburger Helper with Corn and Garlic Toast

Monday - Baked or Grilled Chicken, Mac n Cheese, broccoli and cheese, green beans

Tuesday - Taco Salad (with turkey meat)

Wednesday - Parmesan Baked Chicken with pasta and sauce. 

Thursday - Skillet Lasagna, Garlic Toast, and a veggie

Friday - Grocery Pick!

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Five Question Friday

I'm sort of copying Amanda.  :-)  Hope she doesn't mind...

1. Have you ever had surgery?
Yes but only minor.  I had my adnoids taken out (cut) when I was little and those little suckers can grow back!  I them re-done (but burnt out this time) and my tonsils taken out when I was 19.  It was a one day surgery but the only time that I have ever had to be put under.

2. Ever ride in an ambulance?

3. How are you in a medical emergency? Panicked? Calm?I think it depends on the situation and person.  I have had to take Hubs to the ER three times with medical emergencies.  I feel like I have been calm each time.  But I also knew none of thes events were life threatening.  The first was when we were in engaged and he cut his finger open with a knive.  He had a deep, wide cut and hit a nerve so it definitely required stitches.  The second and third times were kidney stones.  He was in a tremendous amount of pain but again I knew he would be ok if we could just get him there and get some medicine into him.
4. Do you have a garden? Flowers or veggies?
Neither!  My parents are fabulous green thumbs.  My mom's flower beds take up her entire backyard.  She has all sorts of flowers including lots of roses and all kinds of bushes.  My dad has a yard every year where he grows tomatoes (his favorite), peppers, and squash.  Apparently I didn't inherit any of their wisdom.  I am hoping to put something in my front yard but my mom already knows she has to come pick everything out and give me exact directions.

5. When did you move out of your parents house?
The last time I slept at my parents' home was the night before my wedding.  I was just shy of 22.  All of my furniture was already at my new home so I only had my honeymoon suitcase and my wedding day clothes. 

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