Thursday, May 29, 2014

10 Day You Challenge - Day 2

Day One - Nine Loves

#1 - Hubs
Some people say your spouse can't be your best friend but we truly are best friends.  We are both complete nerds and have the best adventures.
#2 - My Parents

My parents are pretty awesome.  They are cool cats who raised me to be strong and independent.
#3 - My Best Friends
And sadly we don't have one single picture with our entire group!!
#4 - The Kiddos
The red-headed baby doll.

Super Handsome Nerd Baby

The Princess
My favorite ball player.
#5 - My Fur Babies
 Shelby is our rescue puppy.  She's a total mutt but obviously she has a LOT of German Shepherd.  We think her other half is Corgi.  She's a total doll and is seriously glued to my side every minute that I am home.
Jax is another rescue but the way cats think, he probably thinks he rescued us.  He is a curious cat but really a sweetheart.  He loves to cuddle on my shoulder and his favorite spot is on the couch behind my head.
#6 - The Beach
To clarify...Panama City Beach.  Our favorite vacation spot.
#7  - Photography
I have a photography business that started out of my favorite hobby.  I love taking pictures.  I love meeting new people through photography.  I have had the opportunity to capture countless family and children sessions and I'm about to photograph  my 5th wedding.
#8 - Thrift Store Shopping
I love browsing thrift stores and in our area, there are quite a few to explore.  You never know what you are going to find.  One time Hubs bought a car seat (like literally a bucket seat from a vehicle) and the other day I found a brand new DKNY sweater.
#9 - Blogs
I love reading blogs.  I don't comment as much as I should but I am getting better.  Here are some of my favorites (in absolutely no particular order).
#10 - Reading
I like to read when I can sit down and really enjoy it.  I like all sorts of genres - Romance, SciFi, Fantasy, Mystery, Classics, etc.  This past weekend I explored Play Books on my tablet and started reading The Secret Garden.  I know that I read this in school but that a little while ago so it is like reading a brand new book.

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