Monday, June 2, 2014

10 Day Challenege - 8 Fears

Eight Fears - Even if they are completely irrational...

1.  Getting beheaded.  Or just generally getting my head separated from my body.  Totally irrational.  But a real fear.

2.  Getting Stuck in an Elevator

3.  The Dark.  I go to sleep with the tv on and I sleep with a nightlight.  No joke.

4.  Raw (or bad) meat.  Undercooked.  Or just bad.  Yuckie!

5.  Flamingos.  No joke.  They creep me out.  I think it's their legs. 

6.  Tripping or falling in public.  Or just general public humiliation.

7.  Needles.  This is sort of ironic seeing as I'm a diabetic...

8.  The Ocean.  Okay, not the ocean exactly but super strong undertows.  I can remember riding waves on an inter-tube and getting pulled under and the undertow and the breaking waves.  I couldn't stand up despite being in less than 3 feet of later.  

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