Monday, March 28, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I completely forgot to post a Menu Plan last week.  And it proved disasterous at home too!  We got back on track this week and made a menu plan and grocery list.  The only thing I forgot was applesauce for a weight-friendly cake I was going to make.  Here's our week:

Saturday - Out to Eat and to the Movies with Hubs and my sweet cousin

Sunday - Chicken Junk (post coming) with green beans and garlic toast

Monday - Shake & Bake Chicken, mac n cheese, green beans, and some other veggie

Tuesday - Fish Filet Sandwiches with cole slaw and chips

Wednesday - Grilled Chicken (on our new George Forman Grill) with brown rice, corn, and veggies

Thursday - BLT and chips

Friday - Grocery Day!  We'll add something to our list for an easy dinner.  This past week we made homemade hamburgers on the Forman grill.  They were quick and delicous!

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