Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Father's Mother

 This is my father's mother.
Her name was Radie Mae.
She was very German.
She passed away when my dad was 17 years old.
I have never known what to call her - Grandmother, Granny, Dad's Mom, etc.
My grandmother was a pretty special woman.  She was almost finished raising 4 children when my dad was born.  She was in her early 40's - which was very rare in the 1950s.  She was also fighting breast cancer at that time.  The youngest of the four children was 15 when my dad was born.  The oldest grandchild (daughter of the oldest child) was born 3 years after my dad.  Today, the oldest grandchild is 51 years old and the youngest grandchild is 22 years old (my brother).  I am the second youngest.

 I really don't know a large amount about my grandmother.  I don't exactly know where she was from and I don't know her birthday.  I know that her father was German.  His name was Emil.  I know that she was a pretty amazing cook.  To this day, no one can replicate her dishes including her coconut cake (although my dad says my mom is the best since).  She created an soup called Cowboy Stew that my dad always made for our family.  I make this same dish for Hubs and I. 

Like I said, my grandmother passed away when my dad was only seventeen.  I could not imagine.  She left behind her husband of 40 (or so) years, two daughters, three sons, two son-in-laws, two daughter-in-laws, and 10 grandchildren.  I do wish I could have met her.

 Radie Mae and James Kennedy
My dad with his parents.


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