Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Wow..I'm really opening up here!! 

I joined Weight Watchers in September with a three month free trial before I had to start paying (gasp!) the $17 fee.  I was very committed...for about a week.  Well it was more like 3.  I lost like 10 lbs.  I was ecstatic!  That feeling didn't long. 

Here's an equation for you -
Eating out (a lot) + a treadmill that does not get used + a permanent butt impression in my couch = Fail.

In light of several things, I typed that wonderful website back into my browser this morning and found out that Weight Watchers has launched a new meal plan called Points Plus.  It seems very similar to the original point system but they give you "power foods" and fruits & veggies no longer have points.  So, I'm back on program (after lunch).  I plan to do some heavy reading on this new plan and then I'm running with it. 

Who starts a diet before Christmas?  Well, there is no better time.  I can find 198,376 excuses not to get back on program but I need to just do it. 

Here are my "reasons" both serious and not:
- My diabetes could potentially go away (forever!) if I could lose 50 or so pounds.
- When I got to the beach, I won't be deathly afraid of a swimsuit.
- Also at the beach, while floating in the ocean, I won't be mistaken for a whale.
- Bigger isn't always better.
- Bye Bye Blood Pressure Medicine (maybe).  This may be a genetic issue but why not lose the weight to find out for sure.
- Not being confined to one little corner of Maurice's (who has awesome clothes).
- Being able to wear skinny jeans and boots.  While I technically can do this now...there are certain people with certain legs that should never wear skinny jeans...I would be in that category.
- Not ever hearing the phrase, "She (random person) isn't that big.  She's your size."  Blech!

So...join me for my journey as I whine, complain, yell, and maybe see a change. 


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