Friday, February 11, 2011

An Evening with THE Red-Headed Stranger

Ok.  So many he's not really a red head anymore.  It's more gray and white.  But the man can still play a guitar like no one else. 

Hubs and I gifted my parents and Hubs' dad with tickets to see Willie Nelson at the Alabama Theatre.  First, I LOVE the Alabama Theatre.  My high school graduation was held there.  I remember feeling so special to be on that stage in that magnificent venue.  Second, my dad has always been a big fan of country music.  I'm not talking about new stuff but old (what he calls "real" country music).  I grew up listening to Willie Nelson, Buck Owens, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, etc.  So seeing a country icon in person is pretty amazing.

Willie Nelson wrote so many songs from country to rock to gospel and recorded numerous hit songs.  He wrote Patsy Cline's "Crazy" and made a HUGE hit out of "Always on My Mind," which happens to be a favorite of mine.  I also love Elvis' version of the same song. 

At the concert, Willie sang short versions of those songs that made him famous as a songwriter.  He also performed a great rendition of "Mommas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys" and of course, "On the Road Again."  Willie is about 77 years old so he didn't always sing out but rather he spoke some of the lyrics but his guitar playing was still prime.  The show was dubbed "Willie Nelson and Family."  I think he calls his band his family because some of them have been playing with him for 30 years (or more).  The band did include Willie's 79 year old sister, Bobbie, on piano (she was amazing) and his 22 year old (yes you read that right), Lukas, on guitar and vocals.  Lukas and his band, Promise of the Real, opened the show.  To me they are a mix of country, rock, and blues.  Very unique and fun to watch.  Lukas' band is actually playing at WorkPlay in April.

Forgive the picture quality.  Lighting was horrible!

Willie Nelson and Family
I was so proud to share this evening with my parents and will now be able to say I saw a music history icon in person. 

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