Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Family Who Sings Together....

My parents really got into karaoke several years ago.  I was so shocked the first time I saw my shy dad get up on stage and sing.  It was so out of character. But I loved it.  They have a great time and have met a lot of friends.  A couple of years ago, my parents set up their own karaoke system in their house.  This has become a centerpiece for most of our gatherings. 

My dad's side of the family are such wonderful, fun people.  We decided to have a get together without it being a holiday (WOW!).  A bunch of us gathered at my parents house a week or so ago and had a blast.  I love hanging out and watching everyone have fun.  They sing everything from old rock and roll to country to gospel. 

My Dad and his brothers.

All The Ladies.

Growing up too fast!
My "baby" cousins.

He cracks me up!
Ethan always has a microphone in his hands.

Three Generations.

Rhythm, pitch, tone...who needs it!

My Dad and his great-niece.

Oldest Sibling and Youngest Sibling.
Even Hubs got in on the action.

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