Monday, February 7, 2011

Menu Plan - Fail!

I am not organized this week!  But thanks to the awesome links at, I think I'll be able to wing it this week and totally not kill our budget.  Hubs and I went out of town this weekend and I have been totally out of the loop on organizing.

In the freezer we have chicken and hamburger meat and our pantry is still full of sides from our most recenter bulk trip to Sam' we will survive.  Tonight I am definitely making Amanda's Chicken Casserole.  It is easy to fix and is yummy goodness. 

But here is my almost-menu plan for this week:
Saturday - Out of Town.  Ate out...a lot!
Sunday - Dinner with In-Laws
Monday - Chicken Casserole
Tuesday - Willie Nelson Concert with the 'rents and father-in-law.  Most likely hitting a drive-thru
Wednesday - Homemade burgers or hotdogs.  Amanda is coming over so we can work so it'll be something easy.
Thursday - Class Night.  Something Hubs can make...thinking Chili sounds good!
Friday - Another work night with Amanda.  Something fun like Nachos maybe.


  1. wow not a lot of home cooking here you sound very busy

  2. We have four nights of meals at home so that isn't too bad. They aren't exactly health-conscience but that's what heppens with a lack of organization. But live and learn!