Friday, April 8, 2011

Five Question Friday

It is Five Question Friday!!  Come join the conversation at My Little Life.
1. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
That I would not procrastinate so much.  Here is an example of my procrastination.  I have known about a school assignment since January.  It is due Tuesday.  I started it today.  It is a 10 page research paper.  I procrastinate too much!

I have at least finished 2 pages!

2. Write about a time when you got lost.
A couple of years ago, Hubs and I took a trip to Gatlinburg.  When we got to Knoxville, there was a crazy detour because of major interstate construction.  It was late (about 10 or so) and the GPS was so confused.  We ended up getting off the interstate and riding through the Univ of Tennessee campus.  We were stopped at a red light and tried to get a police officer's attention but had no luck.  Thankfully we finally found a "less use of interstate" option on Lola (our GPS) and were able to find a crazy backway until we can get back on the interstate.  We finally arrived in Gburg...about midnight.

3. Camping or 5 star hotel?
Depends!!  I LOVE camping so if it is appropriate weather/destination then I love to camp.  We like to hike too so we take trips where we can set up camp and then hike.  And we have been backpacking where we took all of our gear in packs and hiked about 5-7 miles in and camped.

4. Have you donated blood?
No.  I am a diabetic so it is not generally the best idea for me to do.  I need to try again though!
5. Do you have a budget or do you 'fly by' most months?
Both!  I sometimes do a very detailed budget then at other times I just go on the fly.  It is a whole lot stressful to at least have a simple budget in mind.

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