Monday, September 12, 2011

Our New Addition

Last week, Hubs rescued this sweet girl from the streets of downtown Birmingham.  She was wet (with thanks to Tropical Storm Lee), limping, and hungry.  Her pretty brown eyes and sweet personality instantly won Hubs heart.  He is not usually affected in such a way but he totally fell for her.

 We named her Shelby and she is right at one year old.  She weighed in a 40.2lbs which is massive compared to our old weinie dog who tops the scale at 10lbs. She is literally the most laid back dog I have ever met.  She loves to play but Coby isn't having that at all.

 We took Shelby over to our friends' house on Saturday.  They have boxer named Brody who loves to play so we thought they would have fun.  They played all afternoon.  We took their almost two-year-old out to meet Shelby and just like I thought, she was a complete doll to EK. 

Shelby just hung out while baby girl rubbed on her.  It was precious.

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  1. That's so sweet!! What a kind-hearted husband you have!!