Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Invading the Alabama Gulf Coast

For the week of July 4th, Hubs and I were invited down to the Alabama gulf coast with our best friends.  Ash's dad lives near Orange Beach, Alabama, so we crashed his pad for some beach fun. Jim, Ash, and their Princess headed down on Saturday and Bob and I met up with them on Tuesday evening. We had a great time despite a not so great weather forcast.

Here's a recap...

1. Shrimp Basket - AMAZING! We arrived on All You Can Eat popcorn shrimp day!

2. We visited the Dollar General in Orange Beach every single day. We bought everything from poptarts to contact solution and ice to a nerf football.

3. Fresh shrimp from Billy's Seafood in Bon Secour. Their motto is "if it swims, we got it." They have fresh seafood including 5 sizes of shrimp for unbeatable prices! We had ours steamed in cajun seasoning and devoured it later with potatoes, corn, and hush puppies. I took 5 more pounds home to my dad!

4. Our car broke down behind Souvenir City on the evening of the 4th. HUGE thanks to Hub City Towing and Wayne, the driver, for helping us out! We got it fixed enough to get us home. Although it was a huge ordeal at first, the entire adventure only cost us a $20 part once we got home! Oh and thank God for roadside assistance!

4b. While my car is broken down in a parking lot 250 miles from home, do not approach me if you are drunk. The anger that spews forth cannot be matched. Just keep walking buddy.

4c. EK may or may not have peed in the bushes while we hung out in the parking lot.

4d. Seeing what great friends you have while you are crying in the parking lot is a great feeling.

5. We were very let down by the fireworks....or lack of. It was crazy windy so they were afraid of blow back into the crowd and the condos so fireworks stopped after about 60 seconds.

6. Bob finally got to try Lambert's Cafe. He was in food heaven. We all left full and happy! Even the Princess enjoyed some "mashed taters."

7. Staying up ridiculously late and eating ice cream ridiculously late is not usually in a runner's agenda but it was this week and we all four enjoyed it immensly!

8. We didn't run at all! I know really - shame on us. But it was a nice break.

9. Jim and Ash probably brought back 20lbs of sand in their car. It was our beach vehicle.

10. After having ice cream everyday and eating not great bad ANYTHING we wanted, I didn't gain a single pound!

Hubs and I waiting to eat at The Original Oyster House

Jim, Ash, their girl....and some Hubs in the background

Uncle Bob and the Princess

Breaking down on the 4th

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