Monday, February 3, 2014

Menu Plan Monday

Since the snowpocalype my state endured last week, I have been down with the plague.  I plan to recount our experience but I ended up at home in bed for the last 4 days.  I even let Hubs go grocery shopping for us!  He did a pretty good job with the sad grocery list I emailed him.

Here we go..

Friday - Hubs picked up Little Caesar's Pizza

Saturday - Hamburgers and fries

Sunday - Homemade chicken fingers, mac & cheese, and baked beans

Monday - Spaghetti

Tuesday - Chicken and Dumplings (the easiest recipe ever - broth, cream of chicken soup, shredded chicken, and biscuit dough)

Wednesday - Tacos (we are still addicted to the Taco Bell sauce at the grocery store)

Thursday - Grocery shopping night!

For hundreds of menu ideas, visit!

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