Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blog Challenge - Day 6

Day 6 - 30 Things About Me

 1.  I LOVE to take pictures.
 2.  I love to cook.
 3.  I can watch reruns of Friends, The Nanny, and Roseanne over and over.
 4.  I can spend all day reading. (Hubs and I both read the 7th Harry Potter within 24 hours)
 5.  I dislike judgemental people.
 6.  I love vacationing at the beach.
 7.  My favorite drink is a really cold Diet Mtn Dew.
 8.  I had an imaginary friend named Bosh when I was a child.  He made nails.
 9.  I am addicted to my iphone.
10. I love the color purple.
11. I hate scary movies.
12. My best friend and I own/run a monogramming business
13. I try to coupon but I stink at it.
14. When I was 15, I broke my ankle rollerskating.
15. My family is addicted to karaoke.
16. Until I was 7 I thought Elvis was a family member.
17. I still keep up with one of my childhood friends from California.
18. I love the smell of vanilla.
19. My birthstone is saphhire and it is my favorite stone.
20. My dad and I were baptized on the same day.
21. I skipped my 10 yr class reunion.
22. I have taken a cab ride in Mexico.
23. I want to go to Europe - Rome and London.
24. I hate repetitive tasks.
25. A major selling point to my car was the sunroof.
26. I am addicted to sticky notes.
27. I cannot wait to graduate - to actually walk across the stage.
28. I wish I owned a swimming pool.
29. I do not like to shop.
30. I think Valentine's Day is a useless holiday.

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