Monday, February 6, 2012

The Weekend that Was

What an interesting weekend! 

Saturday, we (Hubs, KC, and my brother Andrew) headed to Huntsville to visit the U.S. Space and Rocket Center.  KC, Andrew, and I had not been since elementary school and Hubs had never been.  Hubs is really into space and astronomy and we thought this would be fun.  We chose this weekend because the new Orion spacecraft was making a stop on its way from White Sands to Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  The Orion will mark a new area in space travel.  Here is a local article about its visit.  We got to see the Orion up close and sign it.

While we had an enjoyable day, I have to say that the Center was way cooler when I was a pre-teen.  But it was fun.  The Saturn V rocket is housed indoors and that was really cool to see it up close.  We'll definitely take any future children to explore.

Saturday night, Hubs and I made homemade chinese food and borrowed The Help to watch.  I just finished the book and was really interested in seeing the movie.  While I was cooking, I looked down to notice little purple footprints in the kitchen.  To my horror, under my (carpeted) dining room table, our "puppy" had chewed up a purple ink pen.  My cream carpet was LSU purple!  Hubs immediately began cleaning it up with a new carpet stain remover called Folex.  Let me just say...go to Lowe's and buy Folex (less than $5 a bottle).  It is a miracle chemical.  My carpet is now 99% clean.  Still a faint pink hue on one spot that Hubs is still working on. 

Well after the carpet ordeal, we realized we didn't see Shelby.  She was hiding.  I found her...covered in purple ink.  Her mouth, white furry chest, and legs were all purple. 
She knew it was bad because she went into the bathtub willingly.  The water ran purple for several seconds and it took some major scrubbing but she is all shiny again. 

Oh the joys of parenting...err is that the right word?  She got quiet....I should have known that meant trouble! 

Thankfully we only have one chewer.  Our ancient weinie only cares about real food and doesn't chew on anything.  And it would exert too much energy to chew.  He's too lazy.

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