Sunday, February 5, 2012

I Love Pictures

I love pictures.

I love to take pictures and look at pictures.  Especially old pictures.  Oh the memories these pictures bring!  I recently rearranged my home office and found a ton of random old pictures.  Each one of these pictures brings so many memories flooding into my mind.  

This is Disney Work during 10th grade (so...spring of 1998).  Oh the memories I have of that trip and those girls. 
This was the beginning of my senior year of high school and the weekend before my 17th birthday.  The five of us (and one set of parents) traveled to Atlanta to see 'NSync in concert.  Yes...we were boy banders.  That night, after the concert, these four girls surprised me with an impromptu birthday party and tickets to see The Backstreet boys that following November. 
And back to the band trip of 1998...Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida.  I think we rode that log ride about 20 times.  And my brother was so tiny there in front of me.  He turns 24 this year.
I'm going to say this is 1986.  I am the big one in the back.  The little ones are my 2nd cousins on my dad's size.  One now lives in Atlanta with her look-a-like baby boy and the other lives in Knoxville.  Beautiful girls.

San Francisco - 1989.  We were visiting my dad's niece and her family who lived outside of SF at the time.  Her daughter was the blonde in the picture above.  From left to right - My dad's older brother and one of my favorite people, his hilarious wife, my dad, mom, baby brother, and me up front.

My cousin K and I (check out my lace tights).  K is one of my second cousins on my mom's size.  His mom was one of my grandmother's younger sister.

One of my favorite pictures.  Although any picture that includes me with my Pawpaw is a favorite.  This is my cousin Kim and I with our Pawpaw on Christmas Eve (85 or 86).  We love/loved this man and he loved us.

My pawpaw and me. Oh the love.

San Fran. Same visit as above.  My cousins J and B.

My dad with my cousin Kim and I (I'm on the left..his right).

At my grandparents' house - 87?
Me, my cousin Kim, and cousin Melissa.
We were always put together because we were so close in age.

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