Monday, May 23, 2011

Couponing to Carnival?

I follow Kristin at Couponing for Disney and love her approach to her family vacations.  In a nutshell, she adds any "extra" money to their Disney Fund.  This money includes leftover grocery money, spare change, rebates, etc.  Hubs and I are paid in full for our cruise in August but we still have to take spending money (the "fun card") for anything not covered by the cruise (onboard souvenirs, adult-type beverages, coffee from the speciality coffee shop, etc).  We decided to use the "extra" money method to save for our cruise.  As of yesterday, we had 90 days until we set sail.  Already we have over $100 in our envelope.  This money comes from my photography jobs, Hubs' odd jobs, and extra grocery/spending money.  It is exciting to "find" money.  I don't think we have a set goal in mind at this point but it would be nice to save at least $500.  I think we can do it!!  I'll be updating so that I can go back and watch our progress.

90 Days!!!!!

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