Monday, May 9, 2011

Mobile Uploads

The wonder of social media!  In a matter of seconds, my Facebook friends and Twitter followers can see what I see.  I was looking through my mobile uploads album on Facebook and found some interesting moments over the past year or so.  

 Hubs mopping.  He loves to mop. And vacuum.  And steam-clean our carpet.  I'm a lucky girl.
 This is our friend Jim.  We were at Pump It Up (you know...the fun inflatables place) for a birthday party.  He thought he was being cute.  But in 10 seconds, I had this image forever captured on the internet.  Good thing you can't see his face.
Wing Fest at my in-law's!  We bake 10lbs of chicken wings and I make some awesome cheese fries for this event. 
Family reunion.  Southerners can eat.  We each brought a soup or stew in a crockpot (it was November).  Some people went a little crazy (ie my Mother with 5 crockpots full of stuff). 
A random moment of creativity.  Zebra Fabric + Glass Plate + Mod Podge = awesome plates! 
There is some joy in helping your parents get ready for a costume party.  There is a lot more joy when you get to do your dad's nails for said party. 
 Tupelo, Mississippi.  We stopped at a gas station outside of town on our way to Tunica earlier this year.  In case you live under a rock, Tupelo is the birthplace of Elvis Presley.  And in case I have never mentioned it, I think of Elvis as a family member.  He (in some way or another) has been a constant presence in my life since birth.

 This is a scene of a random work night with Amanda.  You can see pins, thread, fabric, and of course chocolate.
 My dog has a love/hate relationship with the car.  He LOVES to "go for a ride" but he freaks out once he is in the car.  His favorite spot is in the driver seat (most always with me) with the window down.  But, he only watches from afar.  He doesn't dare stick his little head out the window.
This is what happens when you don't have power for 5 days so [first] you can't see and [second] you have run of out of white socks.

This was my view Thursday afternoon when we pulled up at our hotel. 
More to come about our mini-getaway.

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