Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Small Addiction

I have a small addiction...collecting recipes. I love to cook but I think I love searching and finding new recipes just as much.  This week have been looking at various websites in an attempt to organize the recipes I have printed, ripped out of magazines, and wrote on notebook paper.  I am in the process of putting all of my recipes into cute, matching Microsoft Word documents for printing on pretty paper.  In the meantime, check out my current attempt at a collection....

Original title don't ya think?

My original tabs were Snacks & Appetizers, Soups & Salads, Main Dishes, Side Dishes, Dessert.  Sad huh?  Now I need a hundred different tabs.

Bob's super secret rib rub recipe writing on a piece of notebook paper stained with paprika 
and heaven knows what else.

 Printed recipe from TastyKitchen.com.  Amazing by the way.

My little piece of heaven.

Top Shelf...
includes the newest Weight Watcher's recipe book and The Pioneer Women's cookbook.

 2nd Shelf...
includes several  books I found in the clearance bins at Barnes and Noble.

Bottom Shelf...
Two baking books that my mother had for years.  They were old mail order style where they sent you the binders then the recipe inserts.  I stole them from her before she sold them for 25cents at a yardsale.
And of course, the Better Homes & Garden cookbook.

This is my most recent addition.  It does not have a place on the shelf yet because I have it on my coffee table or my bedside table.  I'm constantly looking at it.  Hungry Girl is amazing.  I have been a fan for years and when I saw her most recent book released, I had to purchase.  Now I'm aiming for her entire collection.

As you can see, I am addicted to this book.  I hope to start making some of her amazing recipes and blog about them.  They are diet (ie Weight Watchers) friendly and each recipe includes nutrition values.

Here are a few of my favorite recipe sites:

Chicken Pot Pie by user jodijenson

The Pioneer Women Cooks
Smashed Potatoes

Pink Parsley
Fried Peach Pies 

And there are many more!  I hope to blog my experience making one of these (and may other) amazing recipes. 

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