Monday, May 23, 2011

The Earrings

Have you ever purchased something that changed the way you think?  I did.  I spent $3 on a pair of earrings from one of the wholesale suppliers we use for our gift company.  These precious pieces came in with a shipment this afternoon (in which I also purchased a zebra print duffle bag but that's another story entirely).  They are round and 3-4 inches in length and have the most adorable summer colors like pink, purple, green, and orange. 

Of course I wanted to wear these new additions to work.  But I had to find a top.  My least-favorite pink sweater came to mind but I quickly squashed that idea.  I took a peek in the disaster that I call a closet.  I saw a top I bought at Cato's well over a year ago.  It is bright orange and ruffly and girly.  It didn't fit at the end of last summer.  But I tried it on, fully preparing myself for being let down, and it fits!  Yes, it fits.  It is slightly snug with the tank underneath but it still fits! 

Who knew that these gems would unlock a new motivation in me.  The top fits but I want it to fit better.  Heck...I want to have it taken in.  So today I am motivated all because of these earrings.  Isn't it funny that you find inspiration in the strangest places.  And, paired with white or khaki shorts, this tangerine top and magic earrings will look cute on the cruise.

So thank tiny plastic wonders.  You behold a unique power.

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