Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I finally decided to take the plunge and purchase my own url.  I purchased through godaddy.com and after an act of Congress (or maybe it was that I finally stopped and read the directions), I was able to go live!  YAY!

Now a co-worker asked what this means?  I said "that I am a bigger nerd than I was this morning."

Seriously, what better motivation to stay focused on blogging than to own your own addy!  I am forevermore (or unless my subscription runs out) chiseled on the internet superhighway as Queen of my Universe! 

I have eaten so well today.  I'm so proud.  Oh and I'm completely starving today!  It's got to be this 75 degree weather in JANUARY!

First up was a bowl of Apple Cinnamon Cherrios with a cup of 2% milk and half a banana.

Oh heavens.  My iphone photography skills are so lacking.  You would never know that people actually pay me money to take their picture.  :-)  But I digress, lunch was peanut butter and (no sugar added) strawberry preserves on Nature's Own White Wheat.  My grocery store was out of our favorite Sara Lee Honey Wheat so I wandered around until I found a calorie-smart bread equivalent.  This bread is also 45 calories per slice and it is perhaps the softest bread ever.  Can you see where I ripped the bread while spreading my pb?    Oh and I had an apple.  

 Dinner was buffalo chicken salads.  I may have added a little too much cheese.  But it helped combat the heat from the buffalo sauce.  We LOVE buffalo sauce.  Hubs can eat hot wings everyday of the week and twice on Sunday.  Our favorite sauce is Moore's Wing Sauce.  Hot and spicy and a great taste!


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