Thursday, November 11, 2010


I want to share with you a little story.  Growing up, most children have an imaginary friend. I was no exception. When I was young (3-4 yrs old I guess), I had an extra special imaginary friend named Bosh. Bosh was my best friend. He went everywhere with me. I made my parents make Bosh a plate at mealtime and kiss Bosh goodnight. My memories of Bosh are kept alive by ALL of my family members - apparently I had such a strong belief in Bosh that random family members still ask me about him.
Bosh was my height - so about 3ft. I don't think he was a young boy but rather old because he had a job - he made nails (as in the kind you use with a hammer).
Bosh - age unknown

Being an only child at the time, Bosh was very real to me. It's pretty crazy that my favorite childhood memories are of my imaginary friend. My pediatrician assured my mother than my "friend" was perfectly normal and I had a very active imagination. Amen to that.
I'm not sure when Bosh went away. I don't know if he hung around until my baby brother was born or if he left when I started kindergarten. But, I thought I would share a moment of my childhood - my friend Bosh.


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