Monday, November 15, 2010

The Weekend That Was

The Weekend in 15 items or less -

1.  We went to Nashville (another post to come).

2.  I had Steak & Shake for the second time in my life.  To steal a phrase from Amanda - It was Divine!

3.  Apparently anytime we are on "vacation," the hubs and I have internal alarm clocks for 7am.

4.  Grocery shopping after being in the car for hours is not a good thing.  We bought junk.

5.  I was completely ecstatic on Saturday when I realized that the new Harry Potter movie comes out in less than one week.

6.  Intoxicated strangers who have to take their shoes off to walk down a side walk is completely hysterical.  (It's ok..she had a DD and help walking).

7.  Bought some fabulous new jeans at Maurice's at The Shops at Grand River.  They are perfect!! 

8.  I wore my knock-off cowboy boots when we went "out on the town."  I felt like a million bucks.  And nobody knew that I only paid $25 for them at Academy. 

9.  If I tell Hubs to please be careful not to get stuff on his brand new's like I just doomed him.  Or it could have been that McRib (nasty) he was eating while I was driving us up I-65.

10.  If you put diamond studs with a Carhardt brand baseball hat and Bass Pro Shop tshirt, you can totally look like a million bucks. 


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