Monday, November 8, 2010

A New Addition

Tink is very photogenic.
We have a new addition to our home.  My husband (in his infinite wisdom) researched and then bought a seven week-old cockateil.  He named her (we aren't even sure it is a her) Tinker.  When she is not screaming at him, she is very loving.  Kidding.  We actually think she was quite spoiled as a little hatchling so she loves to be hand-fed and she is extremely social.  She wants to be on Hubs shoulder all the time or on his laptop.  She will tolerate me if she must.  Her wings are clipped so thankfully she can only coast down towards the floor and not fly up towards the celing fan.  Her new home is a custom built mansion designed by Hubs and his dad.  She has toys, seeds, real birdy food, veggies, and bells (which she has just learned how to use).  Already, Hubs can whistle from the other side of the house and she responds. 

There is one tiny issue with this new baby bird.  The dog is very interested in her.  He has calmed down now that she has been around a few weeks but at first he was a bit obsessed.  We are about 98.5% sure that he will just check her out and go about his business but this isn't a risk worth taking.


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