Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Universe

Over the last year, I have enjoyed reading various blogs on family stuff, crafts, being frugal, etc.  The one thing I notice is that the extraordinary women are all moms.  Being a married women in her late twenties, I notice the lack of blogs from those without children.  Just wait  - I LOVE kids and I hope to have them one day but not today.  I have other priorities right now - mainly completely my college education.  I thought about and then was encouraged by a friend to start a blog from the "married without children" perspective.  My sweet friend (A) just launched her blog Mommy Working for the Weekend and is very active in social media with regards to these other mommy-friendly blogs.  I just adore this friend and her family.  I treat her son like he's my own little nephew and have thoroughly enjoyed watching him grown from a sweet baby into an active and handsome little dude.  The only thing I can't relate to with A is her thoughts, feelings, and fears regarding motherhood.  I thought it would be nice to jump on her coat tails and tell my stories. 

I married Bob 6 years ago.  We were so young but that didn't stop us!  We live in a small town but both work in the "downtown."  We are crazy busy all the time.  I own a side business with A that sells gifts, jewelry, and monogrammed items.  I also have a photography business that I LOVE (way more about this later).  We camp and hike (although not recently).  We are also the "Humans" for a 10 year-old weinie dog named Coby.  We have a cast of characters in our lives that are unforgettable.  I hope to share a laugh or two about our lives as well as the view of being "Aunt Mel" (not really) to some pretty awesome babies.


  1. Welcome to blogging - I am also an Alabama blogger who started in August... it is lots of fun! I am also off to check out your friend's site :) feel free to check mine out -, thanks!

  2. Great to meet you Jennifer!! I'm going to check out your blog right now!!