Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Crazy About Wings

Hubs and I love hot chicken wings. Hubs can handle really hot ones but I'm more of a lightweight. Since we had wings for dinner tonight, I thought it would be fun to rank our top three wing joints around Birmingham.  Be advised - when we consume wings, we do not worry about calories.  Do wings even have calories? :-)

 1.  Buffalo Wild Wings
We were actually really loyal to Baumhowers but decided to try BWW one night.  That was all it took!  BWW has a HUGE selection of sauces.  I chose a mild version.  Great quality chicken and the sauce was so good.  For a side (because in the South you have to have a side dish), we had potato wedges with cheese.
 2. Pizza Hut
One Saturday, Hubs found an iphone app for Pizza Hut.  He ordered wings and pizza straight from his phone.  It was a great experiment as it discovered some GREAT wings.  And really convenient.  Tonight was Hubs' turn to cook since I had class until 7.  He ordered pizza and wings and PH did not disappoint!  Again, I have to stick with the mild.  And those last few left in the sauce almost did me in but man they were fantastic.
 3.  Baumhower's
We really fell in love with wings after a visit to Baumhower's.  Baumhower's was our favorite restaurant for quite a while until we ventured out and tried other wings.  I love the mild and Hubs does extra-extra hot.  And, because we have to, we order their Triple Play Cheese Fries with lots of ranch.



  1. I like the Baumhower's too, especially the garlic ones (I'm not a huge fan of buffalo sauce) Let me recommend Beef O Brady's. If I'm not mistaken y'all have one up there in Birmingham. I like them better then Baum's, but it's really close.
    You've made me a little curious about PH's. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Never tried Beef O'Brady's. We'll have to visit them soon!!!
    PH's are really convienent for us...since they delivery it directly to the house and I can stay in my sweatpants to eat them. :-)