Thursday, January 27, 2011

Acoustic Soup

Perhaps I should have blogged about this earlier....but tonight I have the priviledge of photographing Acoustic Soup to benefit VSA Alabama.  I was asked my a friend and co-worker if I would be willing to donate my services for this cause.  I immediately jumped on this idea!  What a wonderful way for me to expand my portfolio, get my name out there, and participate in an awesome fundraisier.

Directly from their website - VSA Alabama
VSA Alabama is a statewide, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to serving children and adults with disabilities and chronic illnesses through the arts. We offer visual arts, drama, creative writing, drumming and rhythm, creative movement, music therapy, and art therapy programming. Annually, VSA Alabama serves over 3,000 people with disabilities and chronic illnesses through our programming in community, educational,
and healthcare settings across Alabama.
VSA Alabama was founded in 1984 as an affiliate of VSA, an international nonprofit organization serving millions of people every year through a nationwide network of affiliates and in 51 countries worldwide. VSA was founded in 1974 by Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith as an affiliate of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

This year mark's the fifth annual Acoustic Soup.  The event will be held at WorkPlay tonight from 5:30 until 9:00.  Tickets are available online or at the door for $35 (single) and $60 (couples).  The evening includes soups, breads, and desserts by many local resturants including Ashley Mac's, Barking Kudu, Jackson's Bar & Bistro, Little Savannah Resturant, Lucy's Coffee & Tea, and many more.  There will also be a silent auction (featuring yours truly) and live music by The Big Tasties.

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