Monday, January 3, 2011

Goals for the New Year

Hubs and I have lots of goals for this new year - some big and some small, some serious and some goofy.  Regardless, here is my current list (they are numbered but in no real order):

1.  Pay off our Cruise by the end of June.
2.  Pay off our car by the end of July.
3.  Paint and redecorate our master bedroom and bath.
4.  Practice my photography way more than I did the last two months of 2010.
5.  Finish the Spring, Summer, and Fall Semesters with all A's (and B's are ok too).
6.  Try at least one new recipe each week.  And blog about it.
7.  Send real birthday cards instead of a text or email.
8.  Read more - for pleasure and not just school.
9.  Get our grocery budget down...we waste (not just money but food) too much.
10.  Stay ahead of the game on holiday gifts - Mother's Day, Father's Day, Bdays, Christmas.
11.  Print and Frame more of my photos.
12.  Be a better friend.
13.  Be a better blogger.
14.  Walk (or run) in a charity race - Diabetes, Susan G. Komen, etc.
15.  Reach weight goals.
16.  Be a better shopper.
17.  Stay organized - home, work, class, etc.
18.  Bake at least once a week.
19.  Stop eating out so much!
20.  Go on a road trip.
21.  Go to the zoo, a museum, new places.
22. be continued....


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  1. Those are great goals!! I'm desperately needing to work on the be less wasteful with food / quit eating out so much ones, too. That's something I'm definitely going to be focusing on this year...or trying to, anyway.