Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My 3-Day Weekend

1.  Hubs and I went to see The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  It was in 3D.  I'm not exactly a huge fan of 3D but once the movie started, it wasn't so bad.  I enjoyed the movie and not to mention that Ben Barnes as Prince Caspian looked hot is my favorite character.

2.  I desperately wanted a road trip on Saturday but that didn't happen.  Instead, I ventured out to Old Time Pottery.  Definitely not Hubs' favorite store so he stayed home.  I love browsing by myself.  I can take my time and not feel rushed.  I bought a fabulous rug set for our bathroom (if we ever get it painted).

3.  I love Ross!  I bought a Polo Beverly Hills purse for $15 (regularly marked $95 then down to $65).  I don't care for brands...I really just liked the size but I thought my find was pretty great.

4.  Ash, Jim, and EK came over for dinner.  This dinner led to Hubs and I purchasing an XBox Kinect (I'm sure a blog or 8 will come out of this).  It is a freaky little contraption that uses your body as the controller.  Scary! 

5.  In other news from that night, EK is HUGE!  She is 13 months now and walking and doing a ton of baby talk and her legs are 8 feet long like her mom's.  Where as the time gone??

6.  Quick trip to our favorite place in the world - Sam's.  I love buying in bulk.  My cabinets look like a grocery store.

7.  It is glorious to have a Monday off work and you get paid for it!  We were closed for Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday.  A and I spent the day working on jobs for our store.  We Amanda monogrammed all day.

8.  It still blows my mind that Little N (A's baby) can not only talk but make complete sentences and I can understand him and he knows what he wants.  He is growing too fast!  He watched about 95 episodes of Diego (you know...from Dora) while we worked.

9.  Pancakes (made by Hubs) for dinner was great.  Easy.  Fast.  Almost no cleanup.

10.  I almost forgot...the highlight of my day was a nice conversation with the police.  At 10am.  On my off-day.   I can't go into too much detail because... of pending charges  I was bribed to keep quiet  ok...honestly becauseI don't want everyone to think I live in the crazy, redneck capital of the world where I had to "call the law" on someone.  It will be a story for the grandkids for sure though.

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