Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I'm a day late with my menu plan but I did have it ready last week!  I was off work yesterday for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday so I'm having a Monday on a Tuesday.  Here we go...

Saturday - Meal with Friends!  Chili Dogs and Fries
Sunday - Savory Cheddar Chicken and Rice with Green Beans and Shubert Yeast Rolls
Monday - Lazy Dinner!!  Pancakes and smoked sausage pieces
Tuesday - Late class night for me!  Hubs cooks.  Lasagna (Stouffer's) with who knows what!
Wednesday - Hamburger Steaks (in the oven) with green beans, roasted potatoes, and creamed corn.
Thursday - Class night again.  Hubs will start dinner.  Oven fried chicken, baked beans, and veggie (or salad).
Friday - Probably out because we can't ever seem to eat at home on Friday night.s  :-)

Can't wait to read from others at Menu Plan Monday on orgjunkie.com.


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